Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Fitness and In Health

Every Inch matters during the count down to the gown.
According to fit life in The Fitness Magazine here are some unveiled weight-loss stats.....
17 Percentage of weddings that happen in June!
70 Percentage of Brides-to-be who want to lose weight!
23 Pounds is what the average Bride wants to lose!
56 Percentage of Fitness Magazine readers took a survey and said they lost 10-plus pounds pre-wedding!
14 Percentage of Brides who purposely bought a dress that was too small!
13.4 Months the average engagement lasts!
5 Percentage of Brides in a Fitness survey who encouraged their Bridesmaids to slim down!

This is good stuff! Do you know, Joni with Creations is a licensed Personal Trainer so if you are a Bride that falls in the category of Brides that want to get that Wedding Day Body! Give me a call and we will get started on your wedding day body that will be a life time change

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